New Job

In case some of my friends were wondering where I would invest my time: I started working as a sound designer for a new, newly founded studio in England in early 2019.

Savage Game Design was founded in 2017 to create authentic, immersive and realistic stories and game experiences in the Vietnam War. The studio has grown to over 50 people in 20 countries working together to deliver unique experiences for you to enjoy.

After more than a year of intensive development, I changed my position and have been sound director since 2020 and became part owner of Savage Game Design.

Most of my work has been completed for the time being and there is a possibility to contribute my experience to other projects of other developers. My company, Savage Game Design, works as a contractor to enable simple studio-to-studio cooperation.


Of course, the development of our first game is subject to strict company secrets, so I can not give any information about it yet. Check out our website at

Thanks a lot.