My name is Dennis Kahl, and I do freelance sound designs for video games.

I am working as Audio Director at Savage Game Design since January 2019 and our first game "S.O.G. Prairie Fire" was recently released on Steam. 


I also make field recordings, set cutscenes to sound and music, and have access to a wide selection of first-class sound libraries and all the necessary equipment to record, create and post-process sounds for any sort of design.


In February 2015, I graduated in Game Sound Design at the Audiocation Audio Academy in Lippstadt in Germany. I learned about the usage of Sample-Libraries, working methods, techniques, work sequences, recordings, and settings of video sequences, layer tracks, Foley FX, and sophisticated sound samples.


In 2016 I worked for Bravo Zero One Studios in a cooperative project with Bohemia Interactive and I created the Jet Sounds for the Arma 3 - Jets DLC.


My experience:

I graduated in Game Sound Design at the Audiocation Audio Academy in Lippstadt, Germany.


Sound Director for upcoming Game 2018-Current:

Working on future Games by Savage Game Design Ltd.

  • Elaboration information on military equipment, vehicles, and weapons used by the military
  • Generate multiple configurations to embed new effects in the game
  • Creating settings for filters, processors and volume curves to regulate and correct the realistic behavior of sounds
  • Creating high-quality sound samples using a wide range of sound libraries
  • Creating realistic sounds for weapons such as firing, handling, and reloading animations
  • Creating sounds for a wide range of vehicles, cars, tanks, helicopters, and others
  • Creating sounds for environmental effects with any weather condition
  • Creating sounds for general foley SFX such as the movement of the player and characters
  • Recording, evaluation, and application of self-recorded material from shooting-range sessions.
  • Quality control, feedback analysis, adaptation to user requirements and correction of errors or disruptive factors
  • Long term post-release maintenance

Sound Artist/Designer Bravo Zero One Studios 2016-17:

Working on Jets DLC for Arma 3 by Bohemia Interactive

  • Designing complex sound assets for Jets: Turbine, Engine, Canopy, Flyby, Rumble and Start-up / Shut-down sound
  • Voice recording, cleaning, and cutting for mission design and cutscenes
  • Collaboration with advisors with a military background to establish authentic sound effects
  • Complex elaboration of configuration files for the implementation of self-created assets
  • Configuration of controllers like Speed of Sounds, LowPass Filters, Stereo Panners and Emitters, Sonic Boom
  • Create new sound effects using large and complex sound libraries
  • General bug fixing, troubleshooting, documenting issues and support of the team in several consulting positions

Programs I tend to use:

  • Sony Sound Forge Pro 14 / Sony Vegas Pro 11
  • Reaper
  • BOOM Enrage
  • BOOM Enforcer
  • BOOM Turbine
  • iZotope RX7
  • iZotope Ozone Elements
  • FMOD