S.O.G. Prairie Fire

Charge into battle with a wide range of historically accurate weapons and vehicles. Explore the steamy jungles and sprawling landscapes of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. Run recon missions in a thrilling new co-op campaign and wage all-out war in new multiplayer and singleplayer scenarios. Featuring the authentic combat, full-spectrum battlefield, and powerful scenario editor Arma 3 is renowned for, players can now experience the full scope of the Vietnam War on their own, with friends, or with one of the thousands of Arma community groups located around the world.



Arma 3 Creator DLC: S.O.G. Prairie Fire on Steam.

Working on Prairie Fire has been a great challenge and a great opportunity! Since I enjoyed the freedom as audio director, in which I could freely decide on the design, it was a great honor for me to present my best work so far! We were able to implement ideas and designs with a gigantic team and almost unlimited possibilities. In addition, the interaction between the individual departments, advisors, and veterans helped find a transparent and authentic line. Each weapon was authentically implemented with precision and a realistic approach. Although experts and field recordings helped design individual noises, recordings of the actual weapons provided information on which details I had to give particular attention.

Weapons, explosions, vehicles, nature, and surroundings in the game and the mission design and voiceovers were gigantic but worthwhile tasks. I was thrilled to implement these and am grateful for the time with Savage Game Design and look forward to a great future with great, new games, challenges, and a great team!

Jets DLC

The Jets DLC for Arma 3 delivers three air-superiority jets, an Unmanned Aerial Combat Vehicle, a new Showcase scenario, and more. The package is complemented by a free Arma 3 platform update, which introduces massive content (literally!) in the form of an aircraft carrier, and implements various new gameplay features related to fixed-wing aircraft. 



Arma 3 Jets on Steam.


Arma 3's Jet DLC was my first entry into the commercial game industry. However, I already had experience through the modding community and was more than pleased to receive this request. The Jet DLC was fascinating, and it gave me the chance to prove myself in the commercial sector. The freedom in creating the design was excellent, and in constant consultation with experts and pilots, it was possible to create an authentic and realistic sound. I was also involved in designing new functions such as the sonic boom and the so-called "sound shape" idea. We succeeded in playing different sounds on an object depending on the viewing direction. So it was possible that a jet flew more quietly towards the player and flew away in the deafening noise and rumble. It was precisely this unique parameter design that made it possible to create this distinctive sound.

My Soundlibraries:


The GRITTY EXTERIOR Footsteps library offers a rich selection of textures for your foley sound design. Mainly in the forest, it also provides a variety of fields, sand, pebble, gravel, and road surfaces. The original files are represented with 96000Hz and 24Bit stereo while the so-called "game-ready" archives are available in 44100Hz, 16Bit in stereo and mono. With over 850 individual .wav data, it offers a comprehensive selection of textures for layer work on your design. Or you can import the sounds directly into your game as many samples are cut, shortened, or faded.


 It was recorded and left as nature is; beautifully crunchy and dirty gritty! Available on