Why the new website, and the new name?

Hello everybody,

A short time ago my personal website was still accessible via JSRS-Studios.com. Now, after a long thought, I have decided to break with this section and devote myself entirely to a professional future.

JSRS Studios essentially stood for one thing, the JSRS Soundmod. This modification for Arma 3 has been my constant companion for many years, introduced me to professional sound design and opened certain doors in the area of game development so that I was able to prove my experience with a commercial work in 2018. The Arma 3 Jets DLC was my first commercial work in sound design.

I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have been selected for this task if it weren't for JSRS Soundmod. Of course I was able to make a name for myself, and the team behind the development of the DLC, Bravo Zero One, consisted of community members who all wanted to get into professional development.

So why the break with JSRS studios and the resulting name change? Well, this website should not stand for a single soundmod, this website should essentially present my portfolio or bring me closer to interested developers. The burden of the "eternal modder" who never makes the leap into professionalism, I had to get rid of it.

JSRS Soundmod and my connection with the now almost 10 year long history behind the mod makes me proud and I will be grateful forever for this opportunity that has led to my small successes. But in the end you have to set priorities. My priority was to present myself better.

DKToneworks is my personal, short and tangible application for anyone interested. I like to work on new projects, I like to train, I get to know new programs and opportunities and I always try to do my best in every project in order to be able to deliver a product that you can proudly say "I did it!".